Once again, companies from the Latin American OOH Industry met in a new virtual meeting organized by ALOOH, the Latin American Association of Outdoor Advertising. The meeting had the presence of more than 150 companies, professionals in the field and the presence of great references of OOH worldwide, in which various topics related to the situation of the Industry facing the world crisis we’re on.

Firstly, ALOOH Executive President Gabriel Cedrone interviewed Tom Goddard, CEO of Ocean Outdoor and President of the World Out of Home Organization, WOOHO. Goddard, from London, referred to the evolution of the OOH Industry worldwide. He stated that the OOH market is experiencing the worst period in its entire history and that a great communication job has been done from OOH, “we are one of the first promoters of the “stay at home” worldwide. Before the pandemic, OOH was one of the most credible means and now this has been reinforced”. In addition, he said that there are signs of recovery in our Industry, but it will be a slow process “At this time, more than ever, we must strengthen integration. It is up to us to find the way out of the crisis”.

From his part, Borja Balanzat Góngora, president of Exterion Media, from Spain, commented on how the situation in his country is coped and the strategies that the companies have developed. In relation to this, Sinaí Alfaro presented the way in which the current world paradigm is being faced in the Latin American and Caribbean region and indicated what are the measures that each National Government is implementing in relation to tax policies, financing and discounts to companies, and worker benefits.

Then, from Colombia, the Manager of Internal Communication and management of ALOOH Memberships, Adriana Arauz Diazgranados, presented the tools and savings decisions that are being carried out to improve the income of the Industry in general. Regarding this, he spoke about the actions against the tenants, along with the reactivation protocols and security measures to take into account.

On the other hand, the meeting was attended by Germán Yunes, CEO of Latina Geometry Global and President of the Argentine Advertising Association (AAP). He spoke about the advertising investment incentives necessary for the revival of regional economies.

Later, the Vice President of ALOOH Guillermo de Lella, recounted the challenges that the industry must face in the future. In this regard, Daniel Cuende from Madrid, CEO of Cuende Infometrics, and Eduardo Bustamante CEO of Biobox de Costa Rica, presented projects and new technologies beneficial to the sector.

Above the end, the Industry Agenda for the month of May was presented, in which the next Virtual Industry Meeting OOH Latam was announced, dated for the Wednesday 27th of this month.