Days ago, the World Out of Home Organization Congress ended in the city of Toronto, Canada. ??

It was a long awaited meeting after two years without the presence that we all missed. It was very good to meet again and above all a great surprise to see that ALOOH has been a determining factor in the opening of the region to these international meetings.

It is the first WOOHO event where the presence of LATAM increased visibly. We were present in Toronto 16 delegates from Argentina ??, Brazil ??, Peru ??, Paraguay ??, Colombia ?? and Mexico ??.

It is good to know that the LATAM delegation would have been even larger had there not been obvious difficulties in obtaining documentation to enter Canada.We have registered at least 14 participants who could not travel for these reasons.Had they all been able to attend, the delegation would also have been enriched with representatives from Uruguay ??, Bolivia ?? and the Caribbean.

The number is not small: after the delegations from Canada, of course, the USA and the UK, which together accounted for more than 260 participants, the Latin American delegation was the next highest, together with Australia.

A great step for the global insertion of our industry. Let’s keep it up.

The ALOOH board was present with two of its members: Guillermo De Lella,?? Director of Grupo al Sur in Argentina, but at the same time CEO of ALOOH and President of the Outdoor Advertising Chamber in his country, and on the other hand Halisson Pontarolla ?? also represented the Outdoor Central of Brazil. The Institutional Relations Manager and General Producer of ALOOH Events in the region: Roberto Gambuzza was also present.

It was an excellent opportunity for ALOOH to have shared the experience and networking with six of our member sponsors. Present in Canada were: Absen, Unilumin, Doohmain, Beeyond, Broadsign and Daktronics. We continue to strengthen with them their unconditional support to our development in Latin America.

ALOOH participated in the special session in Assembly format together with the national organizations and associations: OAAA (USA), the associations of Australia, Switzerland, UK, Canada, India and others.Also with the referents of our strategic allies: DSF (Digital Signage Federation) and DPAA. The meeting was chaired by Anna Bager, President of the OAAA and discussed various developments in the industry in each country and an agenda for future work.

Guillermo De Lella, as VP of WOOHO also actively participated in the association’s Global Board meeting in the hours prior to the start of the Congress.

We are excited to hear the news that the 2023 global meeting will be held in Lisboa, Portugal and we are confident that it will be another step in the growth of ALOOH presence in the world.

Now we have to move forward with enthusiasm and determination towards ALOOH FORUM 2022 in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s official: from September 14 to 16, our 5th annual edition of ALOOH LATAM FORUM will take place.

See you in Brazil, the future has arrived and is waiting for us with open arms.