Once again, and within the ALOOH Webinar Cycle, a virtual episode focused on the Out of Home industry was held. On this occasion, Liang Zhu, Founder and COO of Led & Go introduced “Financing for the Post Pandemic Reactivation”

Led & Go is a company dedicated to the development of Digital Projects with special emphasis on Indoor and Outdoor large-format LED technology and is a leading company in the development of solutions and deployment of large DOOH circuits.

The talk also featured the participation of Oscar Fang, sales director for Unilumin, the leading Chinese giant supplier of LED application products. In the last year, Unilumin and Led & Go made a strategic alliance of mutual cooperation for the development of the DOOH market. Fang related how China, after overcoming the worst moment of the crisis caused by COVID-19, is slowly returning to normal, and points to advertising as one of the key factors in the economic recovery.

For his part, Liang Zhu declared that “Latin America is a very powerful market for the future”, so the alliance provides digital tools and “turnkey” financial solutions to the OOH and DOOH companies in the region. In this way, Led & Go and Unilumin offer a customized package from a commercial, technical and financial point of view; Product Installation; and after-sales technical support.

Regarding the financial solutions and investment provided by the alliance, Zhu said that they are not looking for “traditional means of investment, such as banks, but rather that we work with investment funds, because traditional entities do not understand the business. We have fund networks throughout the region and we have worked very well in all these years. ”

Finally, the speaker answered doubts and questions from those present, regarding prices, payment methods and the adequacy of sales of the service for the recovery of the post-pandemic Latin American market.