DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association representing advertising and content outside the home while driving the digitization of out-of-home media, announced today that it will host a pair of “DPAA Homeroom” learning from home webinars on May 20 and June 9.

“DPAA Homeroom” represents an expansion and new branding of the organization’s continuing education series designed to help those working in and with the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry to develop and refresh their skills.

The first event, on May 20, will be “Defining Digital Audiences with Data,” followed on June 9 by “Brand Loyalty During COVID-19.” Registration for both events is free and open to DPAA members and non-members alike. Following are details on each:

Defining Digital Audiences with Data
May 20, 11am ET

Today’s consumers expect highly personalized marketing messages from brands. But with 7.8 billion consumers worldwide, how can brands keep up with this expectation? This webinar and demo will showcase how demographic and consumer data can be used to deliver effective and accurate DOOH experiences to target audiences.

Understand how brands (retail, insurance, telecom, etc.) are leveraging multi-scale data to deliver effective messaging to target consumers. Top demographic experts will explain the different types of data and when to use each, and how to combine aggregated demographics and segmentation with individual consumer level data for effective DOOH advertising.

Event sponsor Precisely (formerly known as Syncsort) will provide two subject matter experts: Andy Peloe, Senior Product Manager, and Dylan Conrad, Product Manager.

Registration is open for this event.


Brand Loyalty During COVID-19
June 9, 11am ET

Consumer behavior has certainly changed since the arrival of COVID-19. Limited supplies, lines to get into markets and social distancing have changed the way people shop. Research shows that 74% of app users and 72% of in-store shoppers seek out new brands when they can’t find what they want.

Are these behavior shifts permanent? How do challenger brands take advantage of this? How do big brands keep their loyal customers? This webinar will provide insights on today’s consumer and how brands can win them over (or win them back) with out-of-home advertising.

The webinar will feature new tracking behavior via a national retailer case study, new data on brand loyalty, and insights on how to use OOH advertising to influence consumers during these times.

Vardan S. Kirakosyn, VP Research & Strategy for webinar sponsor MFour, will lead the discussion.

“We know from the tremendous turnouts at our WE.DOOH webinars that people have a very strong desire to use this time working from home to learn while connecting with friends and colleagues,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA. “The subject matter experts for these two ‘DPAA Homeroom’ events will bring actionable insights to the forefront; insights that will prove very valuable as the economy begins to open in various regions.”

Registration is open for this event.