The World Out of Home Organization (WOOHO) with ALOOH and in coordination with the British creative agency New Commercial Arts, launched Digital Out of Home’s global campaign, “OurSecondChance”.

The campaign is supported by OOH media owners worldwide and trade associations, with an estimated budget of $25 million from core inventory. In addition, the company Grand Visual is in charge of managing the production of the campaign.

In WOOHO President Tom Goddard’s words, “Our Second Chance reflects the new post-Covid world, in a nonpartisan way. This is a reminder to advertisers and agencies that, as the world reopens for business, Out of Home remains the only true global transmission medium”.

For his part, the creative director of New Commercial Arts, Ian Heartfield, has expressed that: “This was a great summary of an important international organization and an excellent opportunity for the agency to demonstrate its capabilities in a medium we love on a global stage.”

Along with the massive campaign of DOOH there will be an important social initiative with the hashtag #OurSecondChance, to know the reactions of consumers, their choices and the opportunities that arise in a world transformed by Covid-19.

#OurSecondChance will take place in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia (including China) and Australia. OOH media owners supporting the campaign are: Clear Channel and JCDecaux worldwide; OUTFRONT Media in North America, OOH! Media in Australia, Phoenix Metropolitan in China and LIVEBOARD in Japan.

For our part ALOOH! will be a representative of OurSecondChance in Latin America, which is why we invite you to participate in this important initiative on a global level. We would love for you to join this initiative and show these creatives throughout August, when there are no paid ads running.

The campaign brief can be downloaded below:


The artwork is available in a variety of shapes: Portrait (1080×1920), Landscape (1920×1080), and Super Landscape (1600×400) for you to choose from. The campaign is offered in 7 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Japanese. In addition, InDesign and After Effects project files are provided so you can version the creativity of any custom, custom-made site.

To register and download the working files please click on the following link – download instructions and guidelines on using the creative are included on the site:


On the other hand, the objective of the campaign is to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, so we ask that you help us obtain excellent photographs of emblematic and high-profile places in cities around the world. We will be able to use these images in the next social campaign, press releases and a future case study.