The largest meeting in the history of OOH brought together the entire market for outdoor advertising in Latin America for eight days of permanent connection.

The initiative was the virtual expression of the important annual meeting that ALOOH, the Latam Association of Out of Home, holds year after year in different cities of the region.

The ALOOH LIVE FORUM 2020 was held from Monday, October 19 to Tuesday, October 27, the agenda set a rhythm with an intensity rarely seen not only because of the amount of content and diverse options, but also because of the prestige and global level of its speakers and their audience; a very impressive data is that the participation was of more than 3,200 users from 62 countries of the world, 80% of the audience was from Latin America and about 600 users have entered from other places of the world.

20 ZOOM LIVE sessions were carried out with the main activities of the event, where 3640 users participated in total throughout the eight days and 580 minutes of podcast content subtitled in three languages were shared.

The participation of global brands such as Unilever, Google, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Kumberly-Clarc, Shell, GSX and others was central; that from the hand of important global executives shared the look of the brands on the use of the external environment.

The Chambers of Advertisers of Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay and renowned global agencies such as: Havas, IPG, Initiative, Dentsu, Quiroga Medios and more also participated. In this regard, we’ve talked with Guillermo De Lella, founder of ALOOH and currently VP & CEO of the entity, enthusiastic about the presence of other links in the market and the advertising industry. He said:

“The panels that we’ve developed in the Forum with agency leaders, with advertisers’ references and especially with the presidents of the advertisers’ chambers of some countries in the region allowed us to establish more clearly the strategic alliance of joint work we must have together and that we’ve already assumed with some commitments to implement immediately (…) I predict a very interesting work process between the institutional actors of outdoor advertising in the region with the entities that bring together advertisers to take care of the medium and establish the actions that are necessary in front of the regulatory entities and the local governments in the countries of the region”.

They also told us that the global entities of outdoor advertising had prominent presences: such as the WOOHO (World Out of Home Organization), DSF (Digital Signage Federation), OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), GEOPATH (the leading entity in measurement and audience research from the USA), OMA (Outdoor Media Association of Australia) and MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure of Australia)